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It was a normal day, a normal life even, for Joanna Harper until she received a summons to come to the home of the reclusive Ophelia Halen. Rumored to not like people much, and hiding secrets Miss Harper must uncover, she's both strange and maybe even dangerous.

Take control of Joanna's fate as you lead her down dangerous roads up in the mountains, where all you can rely on is your own judgement. Meet characters that might help you, or harm you, and figure out just who it is you can trust as they seduce you to love, danger, and everything in between.

A fully voiced game to bring the characters to life, with branching paths, love, and grizzly endings that any horror fan will love.

The game will be released completely for free, but I am hoping to raise money for the cost is to pay the staff of this game, both the artists and voice actors. If interested after downloading and giving it a play, please consider donating at Kickstarter to bring it fully to life.


Available on both PC and Mac.

Updated 25 days ago
Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsdemo, Horror, manor-of-concealment, Romance, Voice Acting


Manor-of-Concealment-1.0-mac.zip 294 MB
Manor-of-Concealment-1.0-pc.zip 311 MB


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The story is so Mystery and the Gothic in Modern time Theme is very attracted me!!! those voice acting are amazing too! I'm so hype to see the full game, you guys are really great doing this!!!

The game really describe well how unsecure the MC feel to the Manor which make me doesn't feel safe as same as the MC do, and every characters there so interesting! I really want to know them moreee

Wish this game to be more acknowledge because it is so cool !, I have donated in the Kickstarter already, hope it to be available soon ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ!