A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ever wanted to meet Markiplier, Jacksepticeye or MatPat from Game Theory? Well now you can! Play in this visual novel created from Ren'Py Engine as an up and coming Let's Player. Invited to appear as a guest at a convention, you stumble into the three internet celebrities and try to make your best impression in both them and your subscribers! Make great friends or crash and burn in you very first live appearance in front of many of your fans.

Install instructions

Available on PC and Mac. Download as zip files. 7-zip recommended for extraction.


OneDayISwearIllReachYou-1.0-mac.zip 141 MB
OneDayISwearIllReachYou-1.0-pc.zip 156 MB


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I love this!! I can not describe how much i enjoyed the game! 

I love all of them and have looked up to them for years, so even playing a game where I could meet them was really exciting.  I appreciate everything that they do and have done for us. I don't understand how someone could be such an amazing person! I do hope that at some point I may get the chance to meet them, but until then, I can enjoy games like these along with their content.  Thank you for making this. 


oh my goodness.... I took the mark route and got the good end and stuck around and read what you had to say.. I cried, no way to hide it. They've touched me so much and with this game being able to kind of dream about meeting them and having that kind of experience. It was amazing, your message at the end was truly, truly amazing.. ill be sure to spread the word about your game and heck, maybe, mark jack and matt will play it at a voidcon someday, huh?